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Company Vision

Since creating innovative ideas is the perpetual concern of all designers and architects, PREMIUM BOND company tries to reduce the space between imagination and reality, by making products according to customers’ demands. In this way, scientific promotion, human capital retention, using modern machineries with capability of producing new materials and supporting beneficiaries’ interests is intended.

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Our Mission

 As a biggest manufacture of aluminum composite panel in the Middle East, Our mission is to produce and continually develop the quality of products at a competitive price. We are committed to the inevitability of further development of Quality standards for all the products of PREMIUM BOND to meet the requirements of our customers through effective management, competent staff, and the latest manufacturing machinery available to the global.

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 Using modern technologies, today PREMIUM BOND manufactures ACPs in 6 different categories for cores and 13 different classes for finishes to be used in interior and exterior design like facade, advertising, and signboards, etc. ALUMINUM COMPOSITE PANEL is essentially a structure or a panel which is lightweight and compact in features so that it can have a combination of strength, durability and flexibility.



In gaining valuable experience, PREMIUM BOND service is not just specialize in the production process, but also focus on working with customers in order to offer technical advice as a result for the manufacturing cost reductions, in addition we offer other services like consulting fabrication, delivery and after sale services for your projects. All our service will be customer oriented, we accumulated rich experiences in client service, we always answer customers very promptly and solve the customers’ problems quickly. We can take responsibility for every batch productions shipped out and give customers warranty when customers get our goods. Working closely with architects, builders, and the customer, we are able to provide you with a cost-effective, timely, and well-executed implementation. All workmanship fits and finishes are completed to a high standard, rather than just to the budget.

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Messrs. Sayyahfar & Khandadash launched an ACP production unit of management, partnership, and investment with their foreign business partners, titled Sayyahfar and Khandadash CO. in UAE . After 10 years, the founding partners decided to transfer their expertise and experience in the field of ACPs to Shiraz and the company was established here then.





In order to go global, PREMIUM BOND has tried to supply its products to the overseas markets with the highest quality and create a special place for its name between top international ACP Brands in the world, decided to earn national and international certificates. The National certificates are issued by RAZI metallurgy Lab and Iran National Standard organization and international certificates which are issued by international companies Including CE, KYNAR500, and FRBS from IQS UK- ISO 10004 from ITCC, UK- ISO14001 from ICERTI UK, ISO9001 from UDEM Germany and so on. PREMIUM BOND has earned international certificates of EN-13501 and ASTM E- 84, for its new products too.

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